Track Lube Plus is a no mess and great smelling lubricant excellent for areas that squeak, squeal or create friction.

It was originally created in 2003 to be used as an eco-friendly and water resistant lubricant for roller coasters all over the world. It is, to this day, still being used on thousands of rides around the world. The product caught on immediately and we started to receive feedback about all of the other uses mechanics and others were discovering. So now we have released Track Lube Plus for the home. This can be used virtually anywhere and on anything.

Track Lube Plus works different than most other products on the market by not only giving the item a coating of lube, but by soaking into the metal and creating a long lasting protection. This is the case for anything from drilling and tapping, stuck zippers, old bike chains or even installing swimming pool liners. It works great as an anti-seize. It is ideal for areas prone to rust, screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, pulleys, outdoor equipment, garage doors, rusty tools, locks, etc.


• Dry, clean cloth or rag  
• Your fingers
• Spray bottle (liquid)
• Dipping  
• Pump Sprayer (large jobs)
• Paint Roller  
• Dry Sponge  



These are before and after images of different equipment that has had Track Lube applied to them before being left outside or even after they have already rusted.