Track Lube Plus was introduced in 2003 to solve wheel scrubbing issues on a tight tolerance roller coaster. Since 2003 it has proven to have many other uses in the amusement industry. 12 years later, it has spread in to hundreds of amusement parks, large and small, world wide. It is also now used on anything from elevators to ski lifts.

Industrial Uses

• Urethane and nylon wheel lubricant. (keeps from scrubbing)
• Anti-seize and pin lubricant
• Drilling and tapping holes
• Lubricant for stainless steel(keeps from hardware seizing)
• Chains
• Hot dipping to prevent rust
• Will not break down or harm urethane, rubber, o-rings
• Works on tracking, rails or guides
• Reduces rust and corrosion 
• Winterizing parts that will be left outside
• Reduces friction witch means longer life, less heat, less energy, less man hours, and money saved